Ryan Ross Smith is a composer, performer, sound designer, engineer and educator currently based in New York. Smith has performed throughout the US, Europe and UK, including performances at MoMA and PS1 [NYC] and Le Centre Pompidou [Paris, FR], has had his music performed throughout North America, Iceland, Denmark, Australia and the UK, has presented his work and research at conferences including NIME, ISEA, ICLI, ICLC, SMF, ACMC and TENOR, and has lectured at various colleges and universities. As a sound designer/engineer, Smith has produced work for ESPN (30 for 30 Podcast), Meadowlark, ABC (David Blaine's "Drowned Alive"), Kassen Brothers Production, Voltage Control Records, and WNYC's Studio360. In the academic world, Smith is known for his work with Animated Notation, and his Ph.D. research website is archived at animatednotation.com. Current & recent projects include Duets [a series of remotely-produced duets with musical friends from around the globe], Lines and Patterns [musique concrete disguised as ambient music], Green Dome [with Zeena Parkins and Ryan Sawyer], Ross Farwell [IDM/Breakbeat] and Sequential Switch [daily modular synthesizer project (2019)]. Smith is currently an Assistant Professor of Music at the State University of New York.