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This page features selected works for fixed media, including music for modern dance, short film scores/sound design, and music for the concert hall. Below the description of each work/album you can take a listen to the first track on that respective album, or click through to the bandcamp page to hear and/or download the rest of the album.



UNHML is the audio byproduct (ie. altered mix and structure) of Ryan Ross Smith's original score to choreographer Ellen Bromberg's 'Glyph', which premiered at the Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City, UT in February of 2013. In peformance the score was diffused through 9 speakers placed throughout the museum, hidden behind, within, and above the museum's incredible dinosaur exhibits. Instrumentation: Moog Voyager and Juno-106. Duration: 50'33". Released: 5.1.2013



Originally commissioned by Ellen Bromberg and UC Davis in posthumous collaboration with Della Davidson for a dance choreographed by Bromberg. Summer, 2012. Instrumentation: Piano, Moog Voyager, glockenspiel. Duration: 25'25". Released: 10.10.2012


when so much is happening and nothing is accomplished

This piece is an experiment in the creation of an active stasis, a consistently inconsistent stream of sonic events with no real destination. Instrumentation: Percussion and guitar. Duration: 44'14" [looping is encouraged]. Released: 8.15.2012


attack therapy

Attack Therapy is a collection of fixed media compositions recorded between 9.10 and 5.11. Released: 1.1.2011

if you want something done, sentimentality is effective

Two compositions for synthesizer and guitar. Released: 8.1.2011

somnambulist + [music for dance vol. 2]

4 compositions for dance, composed between 2010/2011 for Lisa Wymore [som.nam.bu.lis.tic] and Kate Corby [feeling into & stocking]. Released: 8.1.2011

field mapping:winter holiday

field mapping:winter holiday tracks a cross country trip I took in late 2010/early 2011. Field recordings were made along the way in various restaurants, forests, casinos, bathrooms, etc., before being subjected to a variety of audio manipulations. While some tracks maintain the original sonic environment more than others, each provides a reflection of these more or less distinct heard through a blender. 14 tracks/locations. Released: 1.21.2011

Cavity Care [music for dance vol. 1]

This collection of music for dance features selected works composed between (approximately) 2004 to 2009. Released: 1.1.2010

Lost Causes - Music for Film Vol. 1

Selected compositions/soundtracks/sound design from unreleased short films. Released: 8.1.2011

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