Study no. 13

Demonstration score for Study no. 13

Performance Instructions

For 7 instruments.

Each player reads one of the seven spokes (lines projecting from the center) assigning one sound to each of the small white circles, for a total of 4 sounds each. This includes the center white circle, and although it appears to represent one shared instrument, each player should have a different sound for that circle.

As the small orange attack circle passes through a white circle, play the sound that corresponds to that circle. The yellow circles may or may not trigger electronics from the Max/MSP patch included with the score.

The score can be projected on a screen or wall, or onto the floor. If projected on the floor, the performers should situate themselves in such a way that their line of circles is directly in front of them.

Duration: 15 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, 2013.

Note: a performance score is unavailable for Study no. 13, and is included here only for archival purposes