Study no. 51

Performance score for Study no. 51

Performance Instructions

For 8 vocalists

Each of the 8 vocalists is assigned to one of the descending circles on either side of each vertical aggregate (populated by numbers 1 through 10). For example, player 1 would be assigned to the top left circle (green), player 2 to the circle to the right (red), player 3 to the white circle on the right side of the screen, and player 4 to the orange circle on the other side (then repeat the same for players 5 through 8 for the bottom two aggregates).

Each player follows their own circle throughout. As each player's circle reaches a node to the left or right (depending on their location) of a number, they speak that number. The speaking of each number should be consistent throughout, although as things speed it up, it is permissable to introduce some anxiousness in one's voice. Otherwise, please do not stylize the speaking of each number.

Dynamics should be consistent, balanced, a healthy MF

Ryan Ross Smith, 2016

If you would like a copy of this animated score for performance, or have any questions about the animated notation used in this piece, feel free to get in touch! My contact information can be found here.