Study no. 11 [4+4]

for 4 players


Performance Instructions:

For 4 players.

Prior to performance, each player determines 4 distinct sonic events. Each event should be short with a hard, percussive attack. Events may be determined independently, or collectively by the ensemble.

Each player follows one of the 4 radial staves throughout. Only one player should follow each staff.

Each staff is populated by a series of rotating attack cursors, each divided into 4 quadrants. Each player assigns one of their 4 predetermined sonic events to each of the 4 quadrants respectively.

As the attack cursor passes through the circle at 12 o'clock, the player plays the event that corresponds to whichever quadrant is filled.

Dynamics: MF/F.

Duration: 6 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, 2012.

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