Study no. 22 [for 24]

for 24 percussionists


Performance Instructions:

For 24 percussionists.

Each player should have 2 tuned metals, one for each hand. These may be some combination of glockenspiel bells, desk bells, church hand bells, etc. A tuning chart can be provided to determine pitch content, or the ensemble may devise their own tuning system.

The score should be projected on the floor, with performers sitting in front of their respective metronome. When the metronome's attack cursor 'hits' the event node on the left, the performer plays the instrument on their left with their left hand, and when it 'hits' the event node on the right, plays the instrument on their right with their right hand.

Depending on the size of the projection, audience members may be able to listen from within the circle, as well as surrounding the players.

Dynamics: MP/MF.

Duration: 15 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, Spring 2013.

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