Study no. 40.3 [pulseven]

for 7 instrumentalists


Performance Instructions:

For 7 instrumentalists.

Prior to performance, each player is assigned one of the numbered circles (1-7). Only one player should follow each numbered circle.

Each time one of the rotating attack cursors crosses the event node at 12 o'clock on a player's respective notation aggregate, play a short, percussive, non-pitched sonic event. When a black arc is attached, a sustained sonic event should be played until the end of the arc has passed 12 o'clock. Sustained sonic events should be pitched, and collectively predetermined by the ensemble. This may range from a set of pitches each player can choose from, to a single pitch each player follows throughout.

The red circle indicates dynamic level for each player, from PP to MF. The smaller the circle, the quieter it is, the larger the circle, the louder it is.

When an orange line connects a player's numbered circle to the circle in the center (the only unnumbered circle) then the player plays when the center's rotating attack cursors pass their event node (the node at the end of the orange line). During this time, events in the player's numbered circle are ignored.

The center circle sounds can be a) the same pitches used for the sustained tones, or b) a related, yet distinct collection of pitches.

Performers should feel free to alter their articulation/technique throughout, so long as they don't stray too far from the initial tone/pitch.

An alternative pitch/sound system may be invented.

Duration: 9 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, March 2014.

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