Study no. 49

Performance score for Study no. 49

Performance Instructions

For 3 percussionists (or other instruments/devices capable of producing 15 distinct sounds each)

Study no. 49 is similar in spirit to Study no. 48, albeit with a slightly modified notational approach.

The score contains three notational aggregates, each containing 15 interconnected nodes. Player 1 follows the left aggregate, player 2 the center aggregate, and player 3 the one on the right.

Prior to performance, each player determines 15 distinct sounds, primarily short, and assigns each of these sounds to one of the 15 nodes in their respective aggregate. This must be consistent throughout the performance of the piece. For example, if player 1 assigns a woodblock to the top left node in their aggregate, that node will always be the woodblock.

Each time the attack cursor (the circle moving through each aggregate) reaches a node, the player plays the sound associated with that node. Occasionally, a small circle will quickly orbit the attack cursor. This indicates that sound is to be repeated once the orbiting circle reaches 12 o'clock.

Dynamics should be consistent throughout.

Ryan Ross Smith, 2015

If you would like a copy of this animated score for performance, or have any questions about the animated notation used in this piece, feel free to get in touch! My contact information can be found here.