Study no. 10.1

Performance Instructions

For 2 violins, piano, vibraphone, electric bass and electronics.

Glockenspiel, celeste or piano can be substituted for the vibraphone.

The top staff and bottom staff correspond to violins 1 and 2. The single staff and grand staff directly below the top violin staff correspond to the piano. The single staff above the grand staff is read as a treble staff. Similarly, the grand staff and single staff above violin 2 is read by the vibraphone, with the single staff above the grand staff read as a treble staff.

Play each note as it crosses the attack line.

Every note should be sustained until the end (right side) of the sustain line crosses the attack line.

The 4 line staff in the center of the score is read by the electric bassist. Each line refers to one string, tuned D-A-D-F. Each time a notehead crosses the attack line, the bassist plays a 12th-fret harmonic on the corresponding string. All notes should be allowed to sustain.

A Max/MSP standalone application is included for the electronics. Once opened, the application is triggered by the score, requiring no further interaction.

Violins should play with little to no vibrato.

Dynamics: MF. The ensemble and electronics should be evenly balanced.

Duration: 20 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, May 2014.

The score for this work is currently unavailable