Study no. 16 [NavavaN]

for solo percussionist and electronics


Performance Instructions:

For solo percussionist and electronics.

The top 5 circles denote 5 alarm bells of various sizes.

The 5 rectangles indicate 5 woodblocks of various sizes.

The large circle in the lower righthand corner indicates a large concert bass drum.

Each time a red circle converges on an alarm bell circle, play the corresponding alarm bell once. Allow each attack to sustain.

Each time a red rectangle converges on a woodblock rectangle, play the corresponding woodblock once.

Each time a red circle converges on the bass drum circle, play the bass drum once.

Instrumentation for the 4 circles in the center is open (although they should be distinct from the predetermined instruments). During the time it takes for the small rotating circle to make one complete revolution, play the number of attacks indicated in the circle. These may or may not be played with a steady pulse. If played with a steady pulse, vary that pulse on subsequent phrases.

The electronics run in the background via the Max/MSP standalone included with the score.

Instruments should be slightly amplified in order to evenly blend with the electronics.

Instruments should be arranged in such a way that their physical relationship in space corresponds to their representation in the score.

Duration: Approx. 8 minutes.

Composed for, and premiered by Nava Dunkelman.

Ryan Ross Smith, Winter 2013.

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