Study no. 31.3

for 12 strings and winds


Performance Instructions:

For 12 strings and winds.

The score should be projected in view of all players and the audience.

Prior to performance, each player is assigned one numbered attack cursor. Only one player should be assigned to each attack cursor.

Each time a player's respective attack cursor crosses an event node, that player plays the corresponding event (defined below).

Black nodes: largely non-pitched, percussive, short.

Purple nodes: highest sound possible[in terms of pitch], short, squeaky.

Red nodes: lowest sound possible [in terms of pitch], short.

Red nodes with arcs: sustained pitch, mid-range. The size of these nodes indicate relative dynamic, from P to F [smallest to largest]. Each player's pitch should be predetermined collectively by the ensemble, and should stay consistent throughout. Each attack should last for the duration of the attached arc. In other words, as the numbered attack cursor crosses the red event node, the player begins their predetermined pitch, and sustain it until the attack cursor has passed the end of the arc.

Duration: approx. 8 minutes.

Ryan Ross Smith, Fall 2013.

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