Study no. 40.1 [pulseighteen]

for 18 instrumentalists (winds and/or strings)


Performance Instructions:

For 18 instrumentalists (winds and/or strings).

Prior to performance, each player is assigned one numbered circle (1-18). Only one player should be assigned to each numbered circle.

When a player's numbered circle is within one of the 8 larger circles, a pre-determined sound is to be played each time one of the rotating attack cursors crosses the event node attached to their number. This sound should be short, with a strong attack and fast decay.

When a player's numbered circle moves to another large circle, the player should sustain their predetermined sound until arriving at the next circle. Players are warned of an impending move by a converging red circle.

Prior to performance, all players begin to sustain some pitch/sound, modifying, or not, until a group consensus is reached. The resultant chord may consist of 18 different pitches/sound, all players on the same pitch, or some other combination. Players should play only their predetermined pitch/sound throughout the duration of the piece.

The score should be projected for both the audience and performers to see.

Duration: 10 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, January 2014.

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