Study no. 56

Performance score for Study no. 56 [version 1]

Performance Instructions

For 10 percussionists, 2 horns, and 1 or more improvising instrumentalists

Each percussionist will have 1 instrument, ideally a can or other piece of resonant junk. Each percussionist is assigned a number (1 through 10, as represented by the numbered circles across the bottom of the score), and should strike their instrument with drum stick or other implement at the moment the red circle converges on their respective circle.

The improvising musician, playing an instrument with a large amount of flexibility in at least one of the following domains (amplitude, frequency, timbre) follows the red and green arcs, interpreting their vertical position as they cross the vertical playhead toward the left side of the screen. The black circles at the ends of each arc should be interpreted as beginnings and endings of some musical action, or as an accent. If two improvising musicians are involved, one should follow the red arcs, the other should follow the green arcs. It is up to the musician(s) to determine how these arcs should be interpreted prior to performance, and should remain consistent throughout. In many cases, arcs will overlap. It is the improvising musician(s)' responsibility to do their best to faithfully realize these overlapping notations.

The 2 horn players (horns may refer to any sustained instrument, from an actual horn, to melodica, harmonica, etc., so long as these instruments are quite distinct from the rest of the ensemble). Horn player 1 follows the orange rectangle on top (but below the improvising musician(s)' notation), and horn player 2 follows the orange rectangle on the bottom. Each player begins their sound once their respective rectangle reaches the vertical attack line, and abruptly stops as the right side of the rectangle moves beyond the attack line.

Dynamics throughout should be a healthy MF

Ryan Ross Smith, 2016

If you would like a copy of this animated score for performance, or have any questions about the animated notation used in this piece, feel free to get in touch! My contact information can be found here.

Performance of Study no. 56

Performance score for Study no. 56 [version 2]