Study no. 8

for 15 percussionists


Performance Instructions:

For 15 percussionists.

The score should be projected in view of all player and the audience.

Each player should have 2 unpitched, resonant metals (cans, etc.), 2 pieces of wood (woodblocks or otherwise), and 2 tuned metals (glockenspiel bells, desk bells, etc.)

Each player follows one of the metronomes throughout the piece. Only one player follows each metronome.

Each metronome features an attack cursor swinging back and forth along the top half of the large circle, and 2 event nodes, one on each side. Each time the attack cursor connects with one of the event nodes, the player plays with the corresponding hand, i.e. left side = left hand, right side = right hand.

The event node's color determines instrumentation:

Grey: unpitched metal.

Brown: wood.

Blue: pitched metal.


Unpitched metals: F/FF.

Wood: MF/F.

Pitched metals: P/MP.

Study no. 8 will always begin with unpitched metal, followed by wood, and end with pitched metals.

Duration: approx. 11 minutes.

Ryan Ross Smith, March 2012.

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