Study no. 9.1

for 10 instrumentalists


Performance Instructions:

For 10 instrumentalists.

Prior to performance, the ensemble collectively determines a 10-pitch chord.

Each player plays one of these pitches throughout the duration of the piece, and should follow the staff line based on their respective pitch's frequency relative to the predetermined chord. In other words, whoever is assigned the lowest pitch reads the bottom staff line, 2nd lowest reads the 2nd staff line from the bottom, and so on.

Each staff line contains a horizontal line with 2 grey nodes which is repeatedly traversed from left to right by an orange attack cursor.

Each time the attack cursor reaches the grey event node on the right side of the staff line, play the assigned pitch. Dynamics range from F to FF, short and accented.

As the piece progresses, extensions (red line and node) will occasionally appear off the right event node. These indicate that the pitch should be sustained until the attack cursor has reached the node at the end (right side) of the line. This node denotes the cutoff point, and should not be articulated.

Orange lines that extend left from the right event node indicate that the player begins playing their pitch at the start (left side) of the extension, to crescendo from PPP to F/FF by the time it arrives at the right event node.

Duration: approx. 10 minutes.

Ryan Ross Smith, June 2014.

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