Study no. 30

for 0 to 15 players


Performance Instructions:

For 0 to 15 players.

Study no. 30 requires 15 tuned desk bells, 15 straight microphone stands, 15 white, circular trays, and a large dark space within which a projector can be mounted to project downward.

Setup: The white trays are attached to the microphone stands, and positioned equidistant from one another in a circle, in order to catch the projected score. Each tray should be fully illuminated, with little to no bleed onto the floor. One tuned bell is then placed in the center of each tray. The smaller projected circle in the center of the tray should match the size of the bell.

A bell should be played only when a red circle converges on it.

Attacks tend toward short flurries of activity approximately 2 minutes apart, followed by an increasingly sparse texture.

There need not be a specific performance of the piece, but rather the potential for performance, activated, or not, by whoever happens to be in the space.

Written instructions should be provided at the entrance to the space. An instructional iPad app can also be provided upon request.

Duration: persistent.

Ryan Ross Smith, December 2013.

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