Study no. 39

for 5 or more performers


Performance Instructions:

For 5 or more performers.

Instrumentation: strings, strings and trombones, or any instrumentation capable of microtonal tuning.

Prior to performance, each player is assigned a numbered attack cursor. Only one player should be assigned to each attack cursor.

While a player's respective cursor is on an event node, repeatedly play some pitch/frequency, matching the rhythm of the flashing. The pitch/frequency played is determined by that node's relative position (height) on the screen. The ensemble should predetermine this range, which should be no more than a 5th from bottom to top, i.e. the bottom of the screen denotes the lowest pitch of the given range, the top denotes the highest pitch. If a common range is not possible, octave displacements are permissable.

When a player's attack cursor moves to another event node, sustain the current pitch, bending up or down as the cursor moves up or down.

Position on the x-axis may be interpreted as dynamic level, timbral quality, etc., should be predetermined, consistently adhered to by the entire ensemble, and maintained throughout a performance.

Dynamics: open.

Duration: 9 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, Fall 2013.

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