Study no. 46

for 12 vocalists


Performance Instructions:

For 12 vocalists.

The ensemble is divided into two groups of 6.

Each group is assigned one side of the central column, and each player follows one color-coded attack cursor.

Each time a player's attack cursor reaches a node, speak the phoneme associated with it.

For some, a word contains brackets to indicate which phoneme to speak. For example: t[OUR]. The 'OUR' should be spoken, pronounced as it would be within the word 'tour.'

The ensemble should collectively determine a central pitch that all performers can reach. This pitch should be consistent throughout, although slight variation is permissable.

Other pitch systems may be used.

Dynamics should be predetermined and consistent throughout, from ppp to mf.

Duration: 15 minutes or more.

Ryan Ross Smith, December 2014.

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