Study no. 6.1

for 4 players


Performance Instructions:

For 4 players.

Prior to performance, each performer determines 9 distinct sonic events that will correspond to each of the 9 colors in the score.

Each sonic event must also include 2 distinct variations for a total of three related sonic events per color.

The score consists of 4 circle grids. Each performer follows one of these grids throughout. Only one performer follows each grid.

The bottom row of each grid denotes the primary sonic event, the middle and top rows denote this event's two respective variations.

Above each grid is a row of small event nodes. Over the course of each cycle, the attack cursor moves from left to right, highlighting event nodes as they are passed. Each event node corresponds to the 3 circles directly below it.

If one or more of these circles contains a colored circles, the performer plays the corresponding sonic event(s)/sonic event variation(s) before the attack cursor reaches the next event node. For example, if the attack cursor has crossed an event node's column that has a green circle in the bottom row and a yellow circle in the middle row, the player would play the sonic event that corresponds to green and the first variation on the sonic event that corresponds to yellow before the attack cursor reaches the next event node. Multiple sonic events in a single column may be played in any order.

Duration: 5 or more cycles.

Ryan Ross Smith, June 2014.

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