The animated notation for Study no. 7 is relatively traditional, utilizing staves and noteheads, with the performers and embedded electronics activated by a scrolling attack line. The animated score for this piece is no longer available.

Performance of Study no. 7

Performance Instructions

For french horn, vibraphone, and electronics.

All players read the projected score. All attacks are in unison, their onset denoted by the attack line crossing the left side of each notehead (triangle). Each event should be sustained until the attack line has crossed the end (right side) of the red sustain line following the notehead.

Vibraphone may be played with soft or medium mallets, with or without tremolo.

The '+' above the horn part indicates that the player stop the horn with their hand. The 'o' indicates that the player play with an open bell. The lines in between these symbols indicate a smooth transition from one to the other.

Dynamics should range from MP to MF. Instruments may be amplified in order to better blend with the electronics.

The Max/MSP standalone application, which provides the electronics element, is triggered by the score and require no interaction once the score has been launched.

Duration: approx. 4 minutes.

Ryan Ross Smith, May 2012.