The Animated Notation used in Study no. 6.2 builds upon Studies 6 & 6.1, extending the duration of each time-frame to allow for repeated events while indicating event type in a similarly color-coded fashion.

Performance score for Study no. 6.2 [version 1]

Performance Instructions

For 4 players.

The score contains 4 sets of 9 circles. Each player follows one set throughout. Only one player should follow each set.

Prior to performance, each player determines 9 distinct sonic events. Each one of these sonic events corresponds to one of the 9 colored circles in the score.

Each circle contains a number and color. When active, a small circle will make one clockwise rotation, from 12 o'clock. The large circle's color determines which of the 9 sonic events is to be played, and the number in the center determines how many times it is to be played before the small circle has completed one full rotation. At the completion of each rotation, the following circle's rotation will begin, with the exception of the final (9th) circle, which is followed by the shuffling of the score.

When there are multiple instances of a sonic event to be played within one rotation, the player may play the corresponding sonic events at any point within this rotation, e.g. all sonic events at the beginning very quickly, spread evenly throughout the duration of the rotation, pulsed, etc. Sonic events may also be modified, so long as the fundamental aspects of the event are preserved, i.e. still recognizable as that event.

Duration: 8 minutes or more.

The Animated Score can be projected for the performers and audience to see, or displayed on one or more monitors.

Ryan Ross Smith, June 2014.

If you would like a copy of this animated score for performance, or have any questions about the animated notation used in this piece, feel free to get in touch! My contact information can be found here.

Performance score for Study no. 6.2 [version 2]